Sanpaku gan (三白眼) or Sanpaku (三白) is a Japanese term that means “three whites” and is generally referred to in English as "Sanpaku eyes". The term refers to the iris being rather small, so that it only covers about two-thirds or less of the vertical axis of the eye; e.g. delineate an eye into four portions; the iris would only occupy one portion of the divided four sections; thus leaving the other three in white, hence "three whites".

I was skeptical by this, as perhaps it's conditional. People's faces change a lot throughout their daily routines. However no one can deny that some have fairly overpowering "moods" that dominate their lives.
When I found all of these pictures, it started to make me realize this may be less of a myth, and more of a physical condition.

And when I'm down, real Sanpaku
And I don't know what to do
Aisumasen, Aisumasen Yoko San

In John F. Kennedy’s case, he struggled with Parkinson’s and pain associated with back problems. This would be enough to account for being Sanpaku, since suffering with these conditions would wear down even the strongest person.

However, the simple diagnostic of Sanpaku can help anyone quickly and accurately assess his or her condition. One simply notes one’s appearance in the bathroom mirror upon arising and then later on during the day if possible.

But is there more to this? Can this be used as a tool to sense upcoming danger? And why is it used symbolically throughout films and other art forms, especially when this isn't exactly a famous or widely acknowledged condition.

 It appears these two have more in common than most would admit.

Or the Dinosaur film, was it mere coincidence that they chose to give the dino in this cover a hardcore case of Sanpaku?

A Clockwork Orange,
Very famous book and movie, I was surprised to see this done so intentionally for both book and film covers.

 Eyes wide Shut --- Though I wanted to share the original cover, it was definitely against ATS policy due to it's graphic nature. However this gets the message across, doesn't t?

Here is a list of other interesting pictures; these are pictures taken merely years or even months before their death:


So you have cases of exhaustion, pain, sickness. Not everyone with Sanpaku dies, rather:


If you have white visible at the bottom of your eyes, then look out — the world is out to get you. This condition, supposedly means that you’re in danger from the outside world.


If you have white visible above the eyes, this means that the inside world is a danger to you — i.e., you’re unable to control your emotions and it leads you to do terrible, terrible things.

There are many more just like her. These are the ones that need to be watched, though it might be tough... Let's be honest, she's pretty freaky in the entire face.

Huge List of Sanpaku used Symbolically

Thank you. I'm looking forward to hearing members comments on this unusual condition.
I've left out my MK Ultra theories for a part two