Synchrogalactic Yoga

Yoga is not just to get your body in shape or your mind at ease. It is an evolutionary technology to be studied and applied. Ultimately Yoga is practiced with the aim of there being a divine Union or return to the One.All yoga is for the purpose of self-realization.
Synchrogalactic Yoga is a scientific process of self-synchronisation that activates our etheric body according to the supermental codes of cosmic consciousness. Synchrogalactic Yoga is a system of inner discovery and self-knowledge that unites traditional yoga practices with the synchronic order. It is most closely aligned with Jnana-, Raja-, and Kundalini yoga. Through the practices of Synchrogalactic Yoga, we open our inner awareness and integrate the yogic way of being into everyday life.
The synchronic codes of time create the context and matrix of meaning to understand our inner explorations and experiences. Through application and meditation of these codes, the body and mind become synchronized with the universal order as coordinated by the 13:20 timing frequency. This system facilitates self-synchronisation, where the human mind and soul experience unification at a noospheric, planetary level.  This will radically alter our self-perception and perception of the universe.
Through the process of self-synchronisation, we begin to experience many other selves who are also synchronizing to this state. It is this union of synchronized selves within the planetary circuit board that creates the planetary field of consciousness.
The basic practices of Synchrogalactic Yoga consists of four levels:
1) Meditating the Chakras
2) Activating the Radial Plasmas
3) Engaging the Mental Spheres
4) Opening the Heptad Gates.
These practices are synchronized with the 13-moon, 28-day calendar cycle, creating four seven day cycles per moon (28 days). The seven day cycle is coded by the seven radial plasmas: Dali, Seli, Gamma, Kali, Alpha, Limi, and Silio.
The purposes of Synchrogalactic Yoga:
-To lift the lower mind into higher wisdom (realization of the supermental superhuman).
-To purify the physical/emotional body by learning to attune to pure being (5-D entity).
-To imprint radial patterns in order to grasp different levels of information simultaneously.
-To engrave new planetary programs that are beneficial to all.
-To attain cellular transmutation into a body of radiance, leading to systematic states of superconsciousness.
-To coordinate the third-dimensional being with the fourth-dimensional being – the physical body with the etheric body. The etheric body is the mantle or vehicle of the soul.
-To become integral chips or units who create the foundation of the next stage of evolution: planetary solar consciousness.g